Banner Multi-Beam DX1-A-LM3 Photoelectric Sensor Scanner Block 120 VAC


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Banner Multi-Beam DX1-A-LM3 Sensor

The LM3 is an ON-OFF Logic Module for banner multi-beam sensors. It has the ability to be programmed for either light or dark operate. It comes with a jumper wire installed with the jumper in place, the output is dark operated with the jumper removed, the output is light operated. The LM3 is the most commonly used logic module when no timing function is desired, particularly if it is not known at the time of ordering which mode (LIGHT or DARK operate) will be needed.

Scanner Block: Model: SBDX1

  • Range: 6 feet (2m)
  • Response: 10ms on/off
  • Repeatability: 1.5ms
  • Beam: infrared, 880nm

Logic Module: Model: LM3

  • ON/OFF (no timing function), light or dark operate