Waage 912-5-1 Aluminum Hot Plate / Single Burner Electric Stove

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Waage 91251 Hot Plate

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Waage 912-5-1 Hot Plate

The 912-5-1 is a 115v Single Burner Hot Plate. This Hot Plate is useful for sealing, reflow, pre-heating assemblies and processes under closely controlled conditions. This industrial strength Hot Plate is equipped with a standard Thermostat Control Knob, for adjusting the operating temperature between 300°-700°F. The 912-5-1 has an all Aluminum top. This Aluminum material allows for an even heat transfer to each edge of the plate.


Shipping Weight: 15 lbs.

Temperature Range: 300-650 °F

Voltage: 115 Volts

Wattage: 1200 Watts

Top Size: 9 x 12


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