Biorad iCycler Thermal Cycler


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*(Power Cord Not Included) It takes a standard PC/Monitor power cord that can be purchased via amazon/online for under $10.

Biorad iCycler Thermal Cycler

The Biorad iCycler is a 96-well gradient thermal cycler equipped to handle everyday demands of PCR applications with extremely reproducible quantitation and excellent uniformity. This thermal cycler features built-in PCR protocols and an easy-to-use interface. The iCycler’s gradient can accommodate 2ml and 5ml tubes, strips, and plates, allowing for increased cycling speed and greater throughput.

The Biorad iCycler can be used for clinical diagnostics, gene expression and amplification, and measuring viral loads and pathogen detection, among other applications.

Biorad iCycler Thermal Cycler Specifications

Range4° to 100°C
Cycling Speed96 x 0.2 ml Reaction Module: with 20 µl sample in a 0.2 ml tube in the 96 well module, after full warm up, when cycling between 50°C and 95°C; at least 3.3°C/sec maximum heating rate and 2.0°C/sec maximum cooling rate.
Storage Coolingless than 3 minutes to cool from 40°C to 4°C
Overshootless than 0.5°C
Accuracy±0.3°C to NIST traceable standard after 30 seconds at 90°C,

block mode

Uniformitywell-to-well uniformity of ±0.4°C within 30 seconds after

arrival at 90°C


Temperature Gradient
Input Gradient Range1° to 25°C
Functional Gradient Range5° to 25°C
Min Temp Gradient40°C
Max Temp Gradient99°C


Number of Programs256 on board
Cycles/Protocolup to 9
Steps/Cycleup to 9
Repeats/Cycleup to 600
Dwell Time00:01 – 99:59 minutes
Built-In ProtocolsTemplates for cycle sequencing, Touchdown, RT PCR, nested PCR, long PCR