Eppendorf MixMate Thermomixer FP 5385 Microplate Mixer 100-120V


Eppendorf Thermomixer FP Model 5385 – S/N: 5353AI310366

Condition: Used, needs work. Powers ON without any problem and buttons are responsive. After pushing “Start” an error message pops up in the display “ERR 08”

*Power Cord Not Included Takes a Standard PC Power Cord

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Eppendorf Thermomixer FP Model 5385 for Microplates and Deepwell Plates

S/N: 5353AI310366

*(Power Cord Not Included) It takes a standard PC/Monitor power cord that can be purchased via amazon/online for under $10.

** Item is sold as is, for parts or repair.  it powers ON without any problem and buttons are responsive. But when I press the start button the following error message displays“ERR 08” please see attached photo.

The Eppendorf ThermoMixer FP combines precise heating and mixing with the highest stability, even at maximum mixing frequency. It can be used for a variety of applications like growth of bacteria and yeasts, enzymatic reactions, transformation of bacteria strains and plasmids, denaturation of DNA, RNA, and proteins, labeling of nucleic acids and proteins, and many more. The Eppendorf Thermommixer FP has a very fast heat up speed of up to 18 °C/min, reducing your waiting time, and predefined temperature keys for simple and intuitive operation. This product can also carry out independent incubation steps.

Eppendorf Thermomixer FP Model 5385 Specifications

Max. Speed2,000 rpm
Max. Temperature Control Range100 °C
Min. Temperature Control Range24 °C
Mixing and Vortexing Radius1.5 mm
Mixing Frequency300-2,000 rpm
Mixing Orbit3 mm
Temperature AccuracyMax. ±0.5 °C at 20 – 45 °C
Temperature Settings1 °C / 100 °C
Temperature RangeMin: 24 °C above RT, max: 100 °C
Dimensions (cm)20.6 x 30.4 x 16.4