1 lb. Spool Aluminum Alcotec ER5356 .035 1# Spool Alum MIG Wire 0.035 Diameter ER5356 AW


Item ER5356 .035 1# Spool

Mfr. Model:  #535601035
Shipping Weight:  1.19 lbs
Country of Origin:  USA
Wire Diameter: 0.035
Wire Type: Solid (MIG)
Material: Aluminum
AWS Classification:  ER5356
Container Size:  1 lbs.
Welding Method: GMAW
Tensile Strength:  Not Applicable For Aluminum
Series: Alcotec 5356 NT

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AlcoTec Almigweld ER5356 .035″ Aluminum MIG Welding Wire comes in 4″ spool of 1 lb and is suitable for industrial applications. 5356 Series alloy is susceptible to stress corrosion cracking when the weld pool chemistry is greater than 3% Mg and there is exposure to prolonged temperatures in excess of 150 deg F. Alloy is used as welding filler wire and nail wire. Non-heat treatable alloy has magnesium, titanium, chromium and manganese as principle alloying elements. Alloy is ideal for defense and automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, transportation, recreation and container industry applications. Feeding characteristics is optimized with a patented process and the wire diameter is controlled to 1/10 of the AWS A5.10 specification. It meets ANSI/AWS A5.10 specification.

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