Gulf Hydraulic Fluid Field Test Kit c/w Microscope, VisGauge, Hot Plate & More

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Gulf Hydraulic Fluid Field Test Kit

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The “Gulf Hydraulic Fluid Field Test Kit” provides a reliable “on-the-spot” determination of the condition of used hydraulic fluid. It is compact and ideally suited for use by Gulf Sales Engineers and plant engineers for testing fluid quality While not designed to totally replace the detailed analysis available at GR&DC, it is a very effective tool for testing smaller systems, especially those where complete analysis costs exceed The kit is recommended for use the cost of total oil changeout. with any size system as a quality control measure.

Contents of test kit

  • 60X portable precision magnifier/microscope with a battery powered light. This aparatus may also be used to measure particles, scards or other objects in the range of 0.001 to 0.010 inches
  • A 20 cc micro-syringe equipped with filter holder and two-way valving
  • A supply of 5 micron Millipore filters
  • One set of Millipore tweezers
  • Several wide-mouth sample jars
  • Hydraulic fluid contamination levels (Photographs)
  • Supply of laboratory naphtha for semple washing.
  • Visgage (viscosity comparator)
  • Class stirring rod
  • Water detector (Hot plate) Single phase
  • Instruction booklet
  • Leather carrying case/organizer

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