PWC CO2 Cleanroom Fogger


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Cleanroom CO2 Fogger by PWC | Model 5

The PWC CO2 Fogger produces non-contaminating, no-residue fog via dry ice and heated DI water. Easy conformity with SEMI S2-071b and S6-0707e cleanroom standards is what sets this product apart from the others.

The fog is produced when a 1 lb. block of dry ice is placed in the heated DI water reservoir. It is not an “on-demand fogger”, so it will continue to produce the fog until the dry ice has been consumed. During operation, it can be unplugged and carried to the area to be tested.

The CO2 Fogger wand is designed to allow the user to select the type of fog dispersed from the wand as a jet or curtain. Simply sliding the end of the wand will select the desired fog pattern.



The CO2 Fogger kit includes:
CO2 Fogger, hose, wand, power cable, transportation case, instruction manual.

Storage and Transport Case
This hard shell, foam lined case has wheels and a pull-handle to protect the Fogger when not in use and to prevent loss of the individual parts, e.g., Fogger, hose, wand, cooler and DI water container.


Dimensions: 12 ¼” W x 11 ¾” H x 11 ½” D (31.11cm x 29.85cm x 29.21cm)

Weight: 24 lbs. dry (10.9kg)

DI Water capacity: < 1 liter

Time To Heat: < 5 min

Fog time: ~8 min

Fog distance: ~3 feet (0.9m)

Electrical: 120VAC @ 12.8A or optional 240VAC @ 10A

Protection: Redundant thermal overtempt sensors, fuse

Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions6 × 8 × 8 in